Mr. Hunter’s Songwriting Secret Formula

We talked before about how important getting organized can be to the creative process. Songwriting is no different and once you find a way to keep track of what you have the next step is to figure out what to do with it. Again the secret is so amazing due to its simplicity.

Set your goal.

For some reason the human mind often resists some of the easiest solutions. The process of setting a goal or destination so that we know where the target is sounds and is easy enough. But do we apply it as often as we should? In any form of writing there is a tendency to want to just let the creative juices flow. And there are times when that is an important part of the process. But there are also times when it doesn’t leads anywhere, which is why setting a goal is so important.

Recently we received some guitar video clips from  a loyal Mr. Hunter fan. He recorded a lot of amazing guitar parts that were around a minute in length and he wanted to know what we thought. He was coming up with some good progressions but didn’t know what his next step should be. It turned out that the reason was that he hadn’t thought about what his goal was.

Sometimes we feel we are ready to record a song or even a whole album. Sometimes the goalcan be to just write simple parts that fit nicely together. But regardless of what the goal is, you would be amazed at how much quicker the process is when there simply is a goal. This allows us to start thinking about what steps we need to take to get there.

When I started writing the song “The Corner” I first came up with the minor shuffle that dominates the verse and the major progression played during “Disgusting Filth Jam” (the section of The Corner that runs from 5:18-8:18 on the album version of the song). I then set the goal of constructing a song that displayed the contrast between the struggles we go through (represented by the minor section) and how we continue to fight through in order to follow what we believe in (the major chorus and Disgusting Filth Jam). Once the target was in place many of the other sections developed naturally as it was clear what kind of transitions were needed to bring it all together.

For our talented Mr. Hunter fan a good start is to think about what these parts mean and say to him. When he listens to them how do they make him feel? What does his instinct say? Does his mind start seeing ways they are connected and want to form songs? Does the voice in his head say that it’s time to begin recording an album? Sometimes going for a walk and just becoming open to what our inner self is guiding us towards can be a powerful experience.

If all journeys begin with a single step then it helps to know which direction to go in. Creativity is one of the most amazing gifts that God has given us. The ability to harness that creativity is even one step cooler. Once we put good habits like being organized with focused goals in place its amazing what the results of a drop of creativity can be.

When in doubt follow your heart.

Mr. Hunter

-Groove is good

I can see the light ahead of me
Where one day I know I will be
I watch and wait for that day
I know I’ll find my way

-The Corner



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