If You Can Dream It You Can Do It – Here’s How

I hope your new year is off to a great start and all of your resolutions are well on their way to coming true! Here at Hunter’s Manor we love meeting our friends and fans that are excited to turn their dreams into reality too! We think there’s nothing more important than following what you know is in your heart. That’s actually what the “The First Chapter” is all about. 

And since a lot of our fans not only love music but also have had dreams about being a musician, playing in a band, or even being on stage, we thought we would share a little secret with you today!

We always loved playing music. However when we realized that our dream was getting a little bigger we saw that there were some things we needed to learn. There was a big difference between just being a band and really building a special and large family across the world.

Some people believe that making your musical dreams come true is just a matter of being lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. But did you know that YOU can create your own right place and right time whenever YOU are ready? We’ll bet you a trip to Mr. Hunter’s European Spirit Quest this summer that you can!

I once learned from a good friend named Hunter that sometimes we have to be careful who we listen to. While our parents, family, and friends are usually looking out for us they don’t always know what’s best. They are often trying to help but if we ask them for advice on how to play the guitar or play in a band they don’t know because they’ve never done it. Fortunately there is someone who has and he might be the mentor you’ve always been looking for.

Our dear friend Tom Hess has been a big part of our success and helped us to realize that anything that we can imagine is possible. Tom has toured the world with the Hess Band, HolyHell, and Rhapsody of Fire and is an absolute beast of a guitar player.

Luckily for us he is also an amazing teacher and mentor too and we just had to let you know about how special his MCMP program is. He helped us to believe that we can make our dreams come true and he knows the secret about how the same could be true for you. Isn’t that pretty cool?!

If you are able to study with Tom you will see how amazing the experience can be. Through our journey with Tom we also met a lot of other amazing musicians around the world and his program also lead us to the inspiration to create this year’s European Spirit Quest!

When you believe something is possible it becomes so. We wrote The First Chapter because We Believe this to be true and we hope our music can inspire you to do great things too!

Have a wonderful day and as always we’ll be waiting here with the groove!

Chris and the entire Mr. Hunter Family!

But I can see the light ahead of me
Where one day I know I will be

-a friend named Hunter

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