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Isn’t Monday A Good Day To Tell Your Mom How You Feel?

Mr. Hunter guitarist Chris Marcus is joined by Mr. Hunter himself to record today’s riff of the day very his very dear mother. And if you don’t have a dog to help you write your own riff you can share this link with your mom! Don’t you think she deserves it?

What Were You Doing On June 19th, 2012?

Have you seen the New Musical Express’s video of Mr. Hunter’s debut performance of our unreleased 2nd album “The Course Of Empire“? This is from last year’s Porcfest in New Hampshire. It was like everything was just working that day….

Did anybody make it to this year’s Porcfest?


Hear What Trey From Phish Said In An Awesome Interview On PBS!

Wow…what an amazing interview with Trey. He gives some great advice for today’s aspiring music, talks about how he wrote some of the amazing compositions that became Phish, and says about his “why” for playing music, “”I want to see somebody momentarily released from the drudgery of normal life. Because it was that for me. Music saved my life when I was young. And when I was old.”

What’s It Like In Arcadia?

Have you ever wondered what life could be like if we were all following our true calling in life? Mr. Hunter calls it Arcadia and we’re building an Arc. It’s one of the movements from the band’s “The Course of Empire“ symphony and personally our favorite. Are you ready to join us on our way to this amazing land?

Here’s Where Mr. Hunter’s “The First Chapter” Came From



Who Is Mr. Hunter?

One of the most common questions the band gets is “who is Mr. Hunter?” None of the people on stage have that last name which has left a lot of our fans wondering who Hunter is. Well, even though he doesn’t always perform with the band, he is an integral part and the driving force behind the music. He just happens to be a 47 lb. hound dog. (more…)

Did You Hear What Relix and Had To Say About Mr. Hunter?

Hello friends and greetings today from sunny San Diego!

Do you remember the times in your life where a piece of music seemed to speak directly to your soul? When a collection of sounds seemed so powerful that it filled your entire body with energy and life? When I created the vision for Mr. Hunter over two and a half years ago it was based on all of the things that I always found special about music. I remembered being inspired by bands that I loved growing up and those times where I just wanted the glorious sound to never stop. It left me with no other choice than to begin building my own relationship with Music. (more…)

The Moment That Mr. Hunter Became Special

God bless you all and thank you for one of the most amazing experiences of our lives. It was truly unforgettable to get to meet everyone and our community is truly inspirational. We look forward to continue turning that magic into song. And to all of the home-schooled children at Porcfest you are all so beautiful!

To find friends you met or get involved with the Porcfest community for the first time please visit their Facebook page.

How One Mr. Hunter Fan Heard “Consummation”

Hear and see how one fan heard Consummation during Mr. Hunter’s debut performance of it’s upcoming 2nd album “The Course Of Empire”.

How an Album Was Born

Where did Mr. Hunter come from? What is “The First Chapter” all about? All the secrets and more are right here in “The Making of ‘The First Chapter’ Documentary”!

I Forgot How Good These Guys Are

I Forgot How Good These Guys Are

If You Can Dream It You Can Do It – Here’s How

I hope your new year is off to a great start and all of your resolutions are well on their way to coming true! Here at Hunter’s Manor we love meeting our friends and fans that are excited to turn their dreams into reality too! We think there’s nothing more important than following what you know is in your heart. That’s actually what the “The First Chapter” is all about. 

And since a lot of our fans not only love music but also have had dreams about being a musician, playing in a band, or even being on stage, we thought we would share a little secret with you today!

We always loved playing music. However when we realized that our dream was getting a little bigger we saw that there were some things we needed to learn. There was a big difference between just being a band and really building a special and large family across the world.

Some people believe that making your musical dreams come true is just a matter of being lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. But did you know that YOU can create your own right place and right time whenever YOU are ready? We’ll bet you a trip to Mr. Hunter’s European Spirit Quest this summer that you can!

I once learned from a good friend named Hunter that sometimes we have to be careful who we listen to. While our parents, family, and friends are usually looking out for us they don’t always know what’s best. They are often trying to help but if we ask them for advice on how to play the guitar or play in a band they don’t know because they’ve never done it. Fortunately there is someone who has and he might be the mentor you’ve always been looking for.

Our dear friend Tom Hess has been a big part of our success and helped us to realize that anything that we can imagine is possible. Tom has toured the world with the Hess Band, HolyHell, and Rhapsody of Fire and is an absolute beast of a guitar player.

Luckily for us he is also an amazing teacher and mentor too and we just had to let you know about how special his MCMP program is. He helped us to believe that we can make our dreams come true and he knows the secret about how the same could be true for you. Isn’t that pretty cool?!

If you are able to study with Tom you will see how amazing the experience can be. Through our journey with Tom we also met a lot of other amazing musicians around the world and his program also lead us to the inspiration to create this year’s European Spirit Quest!

When you believe something is possible it becomes so. We wrote The First Chapter because We Believe this to be true and we hope our music can inspire you to do great things too!

Have a wonderful day and as always we’ll be waiting here with the groove!

Chris and the entire Mr. Hunter Family!

But I can see the light ahead of me
Where one day I know I will be

-a friend named Hunter

The New Year’s Resolution That You Finds Your Groove On A European Spirit Quest!

Happy New Year!!

Excited for 2013? Did you accomplish everything you wanted in 2012? What are you going to do to make this a special year?

It’s hard to believe 2012 is done and another year is set to begin! Last year on New Year’s Eve we released our first album “The First Chapter” that is a story about following your dreams, finding your inner spirit, and enjoying the journey along the way. It’s been an amazing year and it was really exciting to see how much some of our fans enjoyed the Music! We also got to bring Mr. Hunter to the west coast for the first time and it was great to share the energy with our fans in California on our 2012 Liberation Tour.

In creating this year’s New Year’s Resolution we thought about where we’ve come from, where we’ve been, and where we want to go. The original vision of the band was born almost a full decade ago in New York City. The project took on different forms as it traveled through the East Village of Manhattan, the streets of Brooklyn, and a village along the Hudson in New Jersey called Hoboken. After seven years Mr. Hunter was finally born on July 1, 2010 at the band’s first live performance at The Shrine in New York City

Now that Mr. Hunter has seen both sides of the U.S. we decided that it was time to say hello to the world!! Come celebrate with us as we start working on our 2013 New Year’s Resolution to bring Mr. Hunter to Europe! We believe there’s a need for a message of empowerment with a soundtrack that rocks, and we are sharing our gift with the world! Over the next few months we will begin revealing some of the secrets like where we will be playing and how YOU can win a chance to go on tour with the band this summer in Europe!

Will Mr. Hunter start jamming in the Eiffel Tower? 
A Canal Cruise in Amsterdam could be a good fun….. 
What about Market Square in Krakow, Poland?! Krakow might be one of the most beautiful cities in the world and they already know a thing or 2 about the band

You can keep an eye out for your upcoming Huntermail OR you can go to Mr. Hunter’s Facebook page now and tell us where YOU think the band should go! We can’t wait for 2013 to begin so that we can continue to bring some positive energy into your day! 

“Music is the means by which we invite our soul’s presence and live into the person we know is within. 

We hope you have a wonderful new year and a 2013 full of peace, abundance, and love! We will be here with the Music!



Chris and the Mr. Hunter Family

Mr Hunter Band Photo.jpeg

Mr. Hunter

-Groove is good

One of Our Favorite Bands “The Heavy Pets”

Mr. Hunter’s Songwriting Secret Formula

We talked before about how important getting organized can be to the creative process. Songwriting is no different and once you find a way to keep track of what you have the next step is to figure out what to do with it. Again the secret is so amazing due to its simplicity.

Set your goal.

For some reason the human mind often resists some of the easiest solutions. The process of setting a goal or destination so that we know where the target is sounds and is easy enough. But do we apply it as often as we should? In any form of writing there is a tendency to want to just let the creative juices flow. And there are times when that is an important part of the process. But there are also times when it doesn’t leads anywhere, which is why setting a goal is so important.

Recently we received some guitar video clips from  a loyal Mr. Hunter fan. He recorded a lot of amazing guitar parts that were around a minute in length and he wanted to know what we thought. He was coming up with some good progressions but didn’t know what his next step should be. It turned out that the reason was that he hadn’t thought about what his goal was.

Sometimes we feel we are ready to record a song or even a whole album. Sometimes the goalcan be to just write simple parts that fit nicely together. But regardless of what the goal is, you would be amazed at how much quicker the process is when there simply is a goal. This allows us to start thinking about what steps we need to take to get there.

When I started writing the song “The Corner” I first came up with the minor shuffle that dominates the verse and the major progression played during “Disgusting Filth Jam” (the section of The Corner that runs from 5:18-8:18 on the album version of the song). I then set the goal of constructing a song that displayed the contrast between the struggles we go through (represented by the minor section) and how we continue to fight through in order to follow what we believe in (the major chorus and Disgusting Filth Jam). Once the target was in place many of the other sections developed naturally as it was clear what kind of transitions were needed to bring it all together.

For our talented Mr. Hunter fan a good start is to think about what these parts mean and say to him. When he listens to them how do they make him feel? What does his instinct say? Does his mind start seeing ways they are connected and want to form songs? Does the voice in his head say that it’s time to begin recording an album? Sometimes going for a walk and just becoming open to what our inner self is guiding us towards can be a powerful experience.

If all journeys begin with a single step then it helps to know which direction to go in. Creativity is one of the most amazing gifts that God has given us. The ability to harness that creativity is even one step cooler. Once we put good habits like being organized with focused goals in place its amazing what the results of a drop of creativity can be.

When in doubt follow your heart.

Mr. Hunter

-Groove is good

I can see the light ahead of me
Where one day I know I will be
I watch and wait for that day
I know I’ll find my way

-The Corner



Special Early Christmas Gift From Mr. Hunter!

Have you heard “The Corner” recently? It’s always a good time to hear what it sounds like when you break through your struggles and reach what you always knew was in you. Click below and listen now!

Mr. Hunter – The First Chapter – The Corner

Have you been listening to the same playlists for the last 5 months? Time for something new?

If that’s the case then let Middle Tennessee Music help you out. They spent their time filtering through everything that comes out and finding the best stuff you need to hear. And track 1 is Mr. Hunter’s “Morse Code” so you know you are in good hands!

You can also check out their review of Mr. Hunter’s ”The First Chapter” here. Want to know why Middle Tennessee Music decided to “sit back, turn it up, and vibe out” some Mr. Hunter?


Write the Song You’ve Always Known You Could

One of the fun parts about being in a band is going thru the steps of creating music and seeing how a song comes to life. When I was young I always wondered how bands put all the pieces together. I remember often thinking “how did they ever think of that?!” Fortunately you are about to find out not only the answer to that question, but also how to do it yourself! 

There are a lot of steps that go into songwriting, some fun and some painful, but they are all important in bringing an idea to life. Beginning today and over the next few weeks we are going to show you how it all works. Soon enough you’ll be writing your own great music! 

Like many things in life, one of the biggest keys to songwriting is finding a process that works and organizing the pieces. This can be done in many different ways but most songwriters generally have a process that they follow, often religiously. As you likely know by now, 
Mr. Hunter is actually a 47 lb. hound dog so there have been a few additional steps involved for him, but just like everyone else he has his own process too! 


The idea for what eventually became Mr. Hunter started many moons ago back in year 2003. Years of jamming and auditioning had produced lots of improv and ideas but they were still just parts rather than songs. It often felt like they wanted to bring themselves together but just didn’t yet know how. Oddly enough the secret was something that’s actually so simple that it might even be hard to believe. In fact it’s such a powerful secret that it works not only in music writing but in almost any area of life. The main step that took the music from a bunch of glorified spare parts into The First Chapter was organizing the process. 

In this particular case we made recordings of every individual part that had a nice sound to it. It wasn’t important to fit them together yet, but just have a place where all of the inventory could be stored and reviewed. Similar to cooking a meal, you need to know what ingredients you have before you can pick the recipe. 

So the first (and in our opinion most important) step is to find a way that works for you to organize your thoughts. For Mr. Hunter this actually came down to creating a folder on the computer where all of the files could be stored. It doesn’t have to be complex, and in fact its better if its not! So much of the time simper = better. If you have already noticed that this same strategy is something you have (perhaps subconsciously) utilized successfully in other areas of life then it’s a wise observation and you’re already off to a great start! 

If you are a songwriter begin by taking inventory of what you already have to work with. You will be amazed at how quickly you will start to see what might fit together or where additional parts need to be written. And even if you are not writing songs it will still be helpful to see where else in your life the presence (or lack thereof) of organization has affected a process you have experienced. When you’re done go to Mr. Hunter’s Facebook page and share your success and failures with us. You would be amazed by how many other people might be getting stuck in the same place and how sharing the ideas can make a world of difference. 

Next time we will talk about some of the steps to take once that’s done, but for now think about what you already have and then take a moment to smile at how far you’ve come! 

Mr Hunter Band Photo.jpeg

Mr. Hunter

-Groove is good

Mr. Hunter for President in 2016!

All that hoopla about the election and not all that much seemed to change. In response to this leadership crisis we’ve come up with a solution! In 2016 Mr. Hunter is going to run for president! Our policy platforms are as follows:


1) 24-hours per day of live music in the White House


2) All of the seats in Congress will be replaced with amplifiers.


3) Congressmen will be replaced by elementary school music students. This should result in an immediate upgrade in political effectiveness and resolve all issues of gridlock.


4) New responsibilities assigned to the role of vice-president include set list design, obtaining large amounts of glow sticks, guitar tuning, and making sure the band has enough rolled tacos at all times.


5) Mr. Hunter’s foreign policy will replace the current policy of military intervention with a sing-along and drum percussion circle. This should resolve global tensions in a matter of days.


More initiatives to be released over the next 4 years. But get out there and start spreading the word to vote Hunter!

Our Friends Lance and Danny from LA Love Band

In the process of booking a show in LA we made some good friends in Lance and Danny from LA Love Band. Here they are jamming at La Descarga in LA…

The beautiful Miss Kara Ayn performs on Alive With Clive

Earlier this year Mr. Hunter’s Lead singer Miss Kara Ayn appeared on Alive with Clive and now we have the footage!

I Believe In You

Sometimes the most important thing we need to know is that someone believes in us. And every once in a while there might not be someone around to tell you. So we recorded “I Believe” and are giving away a free download so that you can always be reminded at any time!

Click here to listen to I Believe

Diagnosing The Cause and Effect

One of the greatest gifts that God gave us as humans is our ability to think rationally. By using logic and reason we are able to improve our outcomes and the quality of our life. We learn to notice the things that work and attempt to repeat them. We also hopefully notice which actions do not produce positive results and cease those. The key is to be able to identify which actions are specifically attributable to a given result. When we accurately understand these relationships and make good decisions we succeed. When we misattribute a result to the wrong action this can lead us to make other poor decisions. This is why it is so important to understand which actions are actually responsible for a given result.

A good way to put this into perspective is to think about the logic of a Sudoku puzzle. As long as each step taken is correct, the subsequent steps build upon the previous ones until the puzzle is solved. However anyone who has tried a Sudoku puzzle knows that the quickest way to run into trouble is to make an error in one of the early steps and then spend the next half hour becoming aware of it.